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Unique Hand Made Products for the Whole Family.

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Hand Woven Baskets
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Adirondack Adult Pack Basket, Click for Details
Adirondack Pack
Basket, Adult
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Feather Basket - Click to Enlarge
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Amy Basket - Click to Enlarge
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Storage Basket - Click to Enlarge
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Adirondack Pack Baskets - Click for Details
Adirondack Pack Baskets
Child, Small, Mini

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Custom Baskets
Basket and Creel
Repair Available

For Details Call
(715) 324-6014

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Fireplace Tripod w/
Shovel, Poker, Tongs

Fireplace Stand Set, Click to Enlarge
Fireplace Stand w/
Shovel, Poker, Tongs

FireSide Cook Set, Click to Enlarge
Kitchen Utensil Set
3pc w/ Wall Rack

Squirrel Roaster, Click to Enlarge
Squirrel Roaster
2pc Set

Fire Poker, Click to Enlarge
32" Fire Poker


Ash/Coal Shovel, Click to Enlarge
32" Ash/Coal Shovel


Coffee Pot Tipper, Click to Enlarge
Coffee Pot Tipper
For Large Pots

Custom Fireplace Crane, Click to Enlarge
Custom Fireplace Crane
Dutch Oven not Included

Roasting Fork, Click to Enlarge
Roasting Fork


Log Tongs, Click to Enlarge
32" Log Tongs


Flat Grill, Click to Enlarge
Flat Grill w/ Legs
18" - 28"
Choose Length
Flip Grill, Click to Enlarge
Flip Grill w/ Legs
18" - 28"
Choose Length
Fire Strikers, Click to Enlarge
Fire Strikers
$12.00 each
Choose Size First
S-Hooks, Click to Enlarge
"S" Hooks
$7.00 each
Choose Size First
S-Hook Ajdustable - Click to Enlarge
Adjustable Hook
11" to 16"

Toilet Paper Holder, Click to Enlarge
Toilet Paper Holder


Special Orders and Individual Variations on all Blacksmith wares can be arranged by calling (715)324-6014

Ask for Bob!

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Northern Shire
N18297 Woodland Road
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Framed Birch Bark Art & Calligraphy

Birch Bark Framed Art - Click to Enlarge
Whispered Wisdom


Buckskin and Leather Goods